A key supplier for the food and pharmaceutical industry: why GELITA won’t stop

15, 2020
3 min

If one thing’s certain right now, it’s that many things are changing and everyone’s having to adapt to new and unfamiliar circumstances. Most people can’t go to work. And whereas some employees can telecommute, it’s simply not possible for many of our staff. Because as experts in the fields of collagenous proteins, we at GELITA want to ensure both the availability and safety of our products during this crisis.

As a key supplier of completely natural products, including gelatin and collagen peptides, to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, we're committed to providing the ingredients our customers need to keep their processes running.

For instance, our collagen peptides are being used to manufacture a wide range of vaccines. The specific collagen peptide VacciPro®, for example, has been designed to stabilize vaccines and thereby contribute to safe and effective vaccination. With a very low allergenic potential, high bioavailability and excellent cell tissue affinity, VacciPro® has been described as the “gold standard” by a number of leading vaccine manufacturers.

Our gelatins are also used in pharmaceutical applications to produce solid dosage forms such as tablets and as a coating for vitamins. Additionally, they  play a key role in optimizing the dissolution profiles of soft- and hard gel capsules.

Of course, our products are very well known in the food industry. Here, we’re contributing to a secure supply chain by ensuring the availability of everyday products on supermarket shelves.

Because our products are used in so many different ways, our employees work tirelessly to keep our production processes running. It’s times like these, though, when you truly see the strength in people. And that’s why we are so proud to see how our team is working together and supporting each other during this difficult period. Your motivation and drive is what keeps our company running.

Of course, the safety of all our employees is of the outmost importance for us. It’s our key responsibility to ensure their physical and mental integrity while you persevere.

At the same time, we can assure our customers that there will be no decrease in the safety and quality of our products. From the acquisition of raw materials and production to transportation and storage, every step in our supply chain is closely observed and full traceability is ensured.

As a trusted supplier to a variety of industry sectors, we’re doing everything we can to complete current and future orders and projects, and ensure they have access to the products they need. We thank you for your continued support in these difficult times.

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