Fabulous food for our furry friends

The times are long gone when pets were fed with the scraps from our plates and cooking pots. Nowadays, loving owners are ready and able to spend quite significant amounts on premium pet foods. As a result, the market for domestic animal nutrition is incredibly dynamic, offers huge potential and continues to show year-on-year growth.

For most of us, our pets are so much more than domestic companions. They’re important family members that need high-quality food just as much as we do. As a recognized supplier of pet food ingredients, GELITA is able to provide its customers with premium FPM, gelatin and collagen peptides for exceptional easy to digest foods that pets love.

For our furry friends, we don’t only offer pet food but also nutritional supplements. Just as in humans, poor joint health can cause serious problems and be a source of pain in horses, dogs and cats. However, what works in you and me can also be used to protect and regenerate our animals’ joints. Our optimized collagen peptides can be used to formulate excellent nutritional supplements for pets and horses.

And it’s not just for our ageing animals. The regular administration of collagen peptides to puppies, kittens and foals strengthens the bone building process as they grow to improve the elasticity and flexibility of the skeletal system. Gelatin and collagen peptides from GELITA can be used as binding agents in the production of bars and extrudates. They increase the protein content and have a positive effect on overall health, as well as contributing to the growth and condition of hair and fur.