A uniqe product in GELITA’s portfolio, VacciPro®, is being utilized by the world’s leading vaccine producers in the development of critical H1N1 vaccines. While VacciPro®, a specialized collagen peptide specially optimized for vaccine stabilization, has been used in the production of vaccines for years, the recent outbreak of the H1N1 virus presents one of the most important vaccine developments in modern times. With its exceptionally high levels of purity and excellent and consistent molecular weight control, VacciPro® is ideal for antigen stabilization.

GELITA carefully produces VacciPro® in accordance with the requirements of the USP and EP. The viral clearance of VacciPro® even exceeds the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) requirements for implantable devices. Also, because of VacciPro®’s low allergenic potential, high tolerance by the body and an affinity for tissue cells, it is an ideal substance for injected pharmaceuticals. With high stabilization properties, VacciPro® is recognized by a number of global vaccine producers as the gold standard in vaccine development.