Natural ingredient with outstanding functional properties

Gelatine is a multifunctional hydrocolloid with unique properties. Apart from its nutritional benefits, gelatine has various outstanding technological functionalities that can be divided into visco-elastic and interfacial properties.  

Owing to its visco-elastic properties, gelatine has excellent water binding properties, cohesiveness, solubility, viscosity and gel formation ability. Its interfacial properties make it an excellent emulsifying, whipping and foaming agent. This makes gelatine a multifunctional yet natural ingredient that can easily replace many other technical ingredients. As it is derived from exclusively natural sources, it contributes to clean label products.

Gelatine is a taste-free, odorless, white, dry powder that’s free from any additives or preservatives and has no allergenic potential. It comprises 84-90% protein, 1-2% mineral salts and 8-15% water.

The word gelatine is derived from the Latin “gelatum,” meaning “frozen”. This neatly describes gelatine’s very core: In water, gelatine swells rapidly and then, after heating, dissolves into a viscous solution that forms a clear, ice-like gel when it cools down. Gelatine is able to build thermoreversible gels with different degrees of firmness in aqueous systems.

However, not all gelatines are equal and the most important characteristic of a gelatine type is its gelling power which is defined by its bloom value. Chemically, this value is highly dependent on the molecular weight distribution of the gelatine type. Owing to the fact that gelatine consists of a mixture of different length protein chains, it does not display a single molecular weight: this is the precondition for its very versatile fields of application.

The different gelatine types are also characterized by properties such as their viscosity, color, clarity, foaming ability, setting/melting times and temperatures, particle sizes and pH value. For perfect results and shelf-life, all components should be tailored carefully to the formulation.

GELITA’s experts will help you to find the most suitable type of gelatine for your specific product or requirement.