For tissue simulations, GELITA® BALLISTIC/ORDNANCE GELATINE offers ideal properties: it’s perfect for simulating living soft tissue and thus used to evaluate the effectiveness of firearms against humans or animals. Models made from GELITA® BALLISTIC/ORDNANCE GELATINE provide an excellent visualization of ballistic events, including the projectile path and projectile-tissue interactions. The ability to measure bullet penetration, deformation, fragmentation, path yaw and tissue disruption make it a perfect model for forensics. Depending on the gelatine concentrate, models of different density can be produced.

The DLR, the German Aerospace Center, uses artificial birds made from gelatine to shoot at airplanes. The tests simulate real birds hitting the engines, wings or other parts of the fuselage. The same concept, and the same gelatin, can be used to simulate car crashes with deer or other game, and even hand and arm injuries caused by drones and quadcopters.

To develop new medical techniques and train physicians or surgeons, GELITA® BALLISTIC/ORDNANCE GELATINE is used to produce so-called gelatine “phantoms” to model tissue, allowing trainee surgeons to practice even very complicated surgical procedures.

Our product range:

  • GELITA® Gelatine Type Ballistic 1 - 3


Jörg Sprave - a customer of GELITA - has his own YouTube channel called "The Slingshot Channel" with close to one million followers. In his video he explains the ballistic gelatin myth.