GELITA AG is the holding company of the globally operating GELITA Group. The board consists of the CEO, Dr. Sven Abend, the CFO Mr. Jan Christoph Teetz and the COO, Mr. Michael Van Elsacker. The Executive Board makes the strategic decisions for the entire GELITA Group.

Our Subsidiaries

ATRO ProVita GmbH

ATRO ProVita GmbH (Eberbach, Germany) was founded in 1990. A mail order business for high-quality food supplements, ATRO ProVita is a fully owned subsidiary of GELITA AG.The medium-sized company specializes in the manufacture and marketing of joint health products. The GELASTIN® brand, a product that derived from GELASTIN® Gelenk-Proteine, was subsequently supplemented to form a range of products for the care and treatment of joints. FORTIGEL®, a high-quality joint collagen product made by GELITA, has now been added to the GELASTIN® portfolio as a food supplement.

In addition, ATRO ProVita also supplies a selection of food supplements that have been developed for certain functional areas of the body.

GELITA Health GmbH

GELITA Health GmbH is a 100 per cent subsidiary of GELITA AG. GELITA Health offers product concepts from the first idea to the final production. All the products contain Bioactive Collagen Peptides with functional properties as main ingredient. Customers can get our products under their own private label or under a GELITA Health label, as for example CH-Alpha® for joint health or QYRA® for beauty-from within. The company’s headquarters are in Eberbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


GELITA MEDICAL GmbH is a Legal German Manufacturer of a complete range of absorbable hemostats based on oxidized cellulose and gelatin. We are holder of all local registrations of GELITA-CEL® and GELITA-SPON® products at the local Health Authorities. We provide training for distributors’ sales forces and product management as well as for end users (surgeons, hospital staff) by own medical representatives. Products by GELITA MEDICAL are available in more than 70 countries worldwide through a network of appointed distributors.