Based on functional proteins, NOVOTEC® CR800 is GELITA’s patented concept for cooling release agents for the die casting industry. As the basis for oil-free cooling release products, it allows shorter production cycle times, enables significant water and wastewater savings, and improves health and safety. This innovative, sustainable and economical all-round cooling solution is biologically degradable and completely safe.  

Making insulating oil films obsolete, functional protein layers perform the release and lubrication, which results in significantly more cooling power (up to 30%), paving the way for modern micro-spray devices. NOVOTEC® CR800 is fully water-soluble, making it possible to remove a clean cast from the mold and obtain a high quality product, as the mold and the cast remain residue-free. Subsequently, casted parts can then be processed via bonding, welding, painting or coating without the need for intensive cleaning.