The sky’s the limit for our FPM ingredients

With practically endless product possibilities, our FPM ingredients are true all-rounders!

Want some examples? What about cleaning agents, compost, asphalt for roads and leather softeners? Or machine lubricants and industrial production aids, to name a few. And did you know? FPM ingredients can be used to create biodiesel, one of the best ways to generate a low-carbon footprint. Furthermore, they’re used in the production of furs. They’re fed to minks and foxes to help them develop a beautiful, soft and shiny pelt.

The excellent properties and versatility of our FPM ingredients make all this possible. In particular, the fatty acids derived from our GELIFAT® fats provide the basis for an endless number of innovative products and applications. In oleochemistry, for example, fats are split into fatty acids and further used to prepare plastics, candles, tires and so much more.

We help our customers to create exciting new market opportunities and give them a competitive edge. And, as we’re working with companies all over the world, new applications for FPM ingredients are being discovered every day.