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Proteins are a key performance factor in complex biological systems such as the human body, where they lubricate joints, stabilize bones, and protect the skin. This knowhow of nature inspired GELITA to develop a class of functional proteins called NOVOTEC® to revolutionize industrial applications. This is done by changing surface technology from hydrophobic to hydrophilic.



NOVOTEC® proteins attach themselves to a broad variety of surfaces. On these surfaces, the proteins align to form a hydrating layer. And this changes everything: instead of making a surface hydrophobic the layer makes it hydrophilic and as water hits the surface of this layer, the proteins attract the water molecules and a dynamic protective layer results.


NOVOTEC CL 800 behavior of water



Put into practice, this protects surfaces and can also improve separating, lubricating and cooling production steps. NOVOTEC® protein solutions simplify, accelerate or optimize processes.

Made of natural proteins, NOVOTEC® is environmentally friendly and not impacting the health of users and operators in industrial processes. NOVOTEC® itself has even be tested as skin friendly by Dermatest, improve quality, reduce costs and promote high environmental and health compatibility.


NOVOTEC® - your key to unlock a whole new world of possibilities!


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Disclaimer: GELITA is a food company that produces, among other things, proteins for food production. The information on this website represents only one of several possible uses for the proteins that make up "NOVOTEC®". It is a food-grade product that may also be used in food. The final decision on the actual use of "NOVOTEC®" is up to GELITA's customers.