Healthy joints: protection and regeneration

When every step hurts, quality of life is seriously compromised. Today, every fourth person suffers from joint problems; and with our aging population, the situation can only get worse. Pain-relieving analgesics, immobility and, in many cases, surgery seems to be the only solution.

Degeneration of the joint cartilage, particularly as a result of mechanical abrasion, is a normal part of the aging process. But, as exercise and keeping active is an extremely important aspect of keeping our joints supplied with liquids and nutrients, immobility can speed up the degeneration process. It’s a vicious circle.

In many cases, a regular supply of collagen peptides can help to rejuvenate the joint cartilage and can make movement both smoother and less uncomfortable. After just a few weeks of regular intake, many patients, somewhat gratefully, experience significant pain relief and increased mobility.

Collagen makes up approximately 70 per cent of the body’s cartilage dry mass, so it’s a primary constituent and plays a key role. GELITA has developed special bioactive collagen peptides, FORTIGEL®, which has been scientifically proven to stimulate the synthesis of new joint cartilage tissue mass. It’s the perfect natural and effective way to protect and regenerate joint cartilage.

Scientific studies: The regenerating effect of FORTIGEL®, natural collagen peptides, has been proven in scientific studies.

Applications: Food supplements, functional food products, granulates, ready-to-drink concentrates, sports drinks.

Successful products: CH-Alpha, Gelastin.