The versatile ingredient NOVOTEC® CB800 helps to remove oil, fats, rust and other contaminants from surfaces even at mild pH values. It consists of natural, polyfunctional protein molecules, specifically designed by nature to build networks with themselves and other molecules like water.

This effect can also be seen when they adhere to surfaces such as steel, glass and aluminum. There they form protective layers of hydrated protein chains that facilitate the removal of dirt by increasing the water attraction on the surface.



Conventional cleaning agents often use silicates to protect surfaces. Other solutions rely on water-repellent substances such as wax to prevent renewed soiling. Both versions produce residues that hamper the removal of water-insoluble dirt.

By contrast, the protein layers of NOVOTEC® CB800 attract water. Dirt „floats“ on the protective layer and is simply washed away when it comes into contact with water (easy-to-clean). If NOVOTEC® CB800 is combined with detergents, the result is convincing: clean surfaces that can be washed more easily. New dirt fails to penetrate to the surface and can instead easily be wiped from the protective protein layer.




NOVOTEC® CB800 is made of natural collagen. This innovation by GELITA not only enables perfect cleaning results without aggressive chemicals, but also helps to significantly improve the skin and environmental friendliness of cleaning solutions.


The benefits of NOVOTEC® CB800:

  • Easiersubsequent cleaning of surfaces (easy-to-clean effect)
  • Hydrophilic surface protection
  • Supports effective cleaning even at mild pH values
  • Easier removal of biofilms
  • Skin-friendly alternative to conventional products
  • Greatly reduced risk of allergies
  • Natural bio-polymer

Detergents and cleaners that allow for easier cleaning, protect surfaces from re-soiling and which are sustainable, environmentally and operator friendly at the same time – with NOVOTEC® CB800 from GELITA, this vision becomes reality. The innovative protein-based liquid concentrate provides conventional cleaning systems with an easy-to-clean effect.