Novotec® CL800 the easy-to-clean additive


Globally, thousands of tons of metalworking fluids (MWFs) are consumed each year. Those fluids are indispensable for protecting workpieces and equipment against abrasive wear and overheating during lathing, drilling, milling or grinding. Despite an uncertain economic climate, the demand for these fluids has continued to grow steadily.

GELITA’s NOVOTEC® CL800 is an innovative protein-based liquid concentrate. As a green additive for a new generation of metalworking fluids it adds value to both oil-free (synthetic) and oil-miscible (semi-synthetic) metalworking fluids.

When used as additive in semi-synthetic fluids, NOVOTEC® CL800 can improve cooling, lower the fluid consumption and facilitate the cleaning of machines and workpieces.

When used as an additive in water-soluble, full synthetic fluid formulations, NOVOTEC® CL800 can also function as natural lubricating agent while still helping to keep systems clean, improve tool life, and reduce operational downtime.



NOVOTEC® CL800 is fully biologically degradable and free from both allergenic agents and harmful substances. Machines, parts and metal chips stay clean, or can easily be cleaned with water – without leaving residues. NOVOTEC® CL800 can be implemented into a wide range of lubricant formulations.