We promote your strengths

We pursue a clear goal to meet the constantly changing market conditions and growing competition: We want to continue to promote a common basis for cooperation. In doing so, it is particularly important to us to promote your individual strengths.

For this purpose, we developed the GELITA competency model, the building blocks of which support you in your development. It forms the basis for all employee interviews, staff development conferences and the professional development plans associated with these processes. It is the same for everyone worldwide. This enables us to achieve a standardized, fair and transparent assessment criterion that works across all locations. At its core are our shared values: Trust, Courage, Passion, Empathy, Commitment and Care.

GELITA competence model
The GELITA competence model at a glance 

People & working relationships

People & working relationships describe how we want to interact with others and what factors we consider necessary to enter into dialog with each other. Among other things, this includes actively using feedback for our own development and building relationships with a wide variety of teams at GELITA.

People and working relationships play an important role at GELITA
Proactive communication with customers

Business & customers

Our common goal is to be and remain one of the world market leaders. For this reason, there are common values for proactive communication with customers that form a basis for action. This includes, for example, permanently questioning the current status and thus laying the foundation for continuous improvements and innovations.

Job & skills

Relationships with people at GELITA and with our customers are influenced by existing circumstances. These are one's position at GELITA and the skills that each individual brings to the company. Precise knowledge of the requirements of one's job and the will to develop one's skills are at the heart of these guidelines. Together we will help you advance!

Precise knowledge of the requirements of one's job and the will to develop