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Compared with hard capsules, soft gelatine capsules are thicker and require additional ingredients such as glycerin to obtain their soft texture. Depending on the formula, the thickness of the capsule, its elasticity and its degree of residual moisture can be adjusted. Perfectly suited for liquid or semi-solid fillings, soft capsules are widely used to deliver pharmaceutical substances and a wide range of nutraceutical supplements, such as omega-3 fish oils. Many consumers prefer soft gelatine capsules as they are easy to use and swallow.

Did you know? Soft capsules are made using a process invented by Robert Pauli Scherer in the late 1920s – one of GELITA´s predecessors.



For many pharmaceutical applications, GELITA® Gelatine is indispensable for decades. Although mostly used for hard and soft capsules, GELITA® Pharmaceutical Gelatine is also essential for many other applications. It’s a binder in tables and acts as matrix in vitamin coating. Low endotoxin gelatines are the basis for plasma expanders, vaccines and haemostatic sponges.

In particular, it’s the film forming ability, thermo-reversible gelation properties and adhesive behavior that make GELITA® Gelatine so versatile. With outstanding innovations such as the patented GELITA® RXL gelatines for reduced cross-linking, GELITA has set new standards in stability and dissolution for gelatine capsules. As a leading supplier of all types of gelatine, GELITA offers also Kosher and Halal variants.

In general medium Bloom gelatine (between 150 and 200 g Bloom) is used for the production of soft gelatine capsules. Special coatings enable gastric juiceresistant capsules for a delayed dissolution in the intestine.

  • Perfect for liquid or semi-solid fillings
  • Protection of sensitive fills from atmospheric oxygen, light, moisture, dust and other environmental influences
  • Optimized dissolution – improved bioavailability
  • Optimal setting properties
  • Specialties: GELITA® RXL and GELITA® RXL R² Portfolio with reduced cross-linking properties and revolutionary fill release


(Reduced Cross-Linking) gelatine adds extra value to gelatine capsules by significantly reducing cross-linking. This enhances the dissolution properties of the capsules as well as improves shelf-life at high temperature and humidity. The new patented technology even allows the pharmaceutical industry to explore new capsule fills and expand distribution into regions that are exceptionally hot and humid. 

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(R squared) Gelatine has been proven in independent capsule experiments to release fills significantly faster than standard gelatine capsules. Consumers may now benefit from the more immediate release of medications, such as sleep aids, allergy treatments, pain relievers and psychological aids. And, the capsule industry itself can likewise benefit from more advanced product differentiation with a stable capsule delivery system that is already widely preferred by consumers. Capsules featuring these advanced releasing properties can promote improved patient compliance for dosage forms that are simple and reliable to manufacture. 

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Is a novel solution for enteric soft-capsules and is the first commercially available gelatine product of its kind – allowing for the one-step production of enteric capsules that open in the intestine (instead of the stomach, as with traditional gelatine capsules). Most enteric delivery systems are produced by applying an acid-insoluble coating to fresh soft capsules. This intensive two-step process adds time and money to the cost of each enteric capsule. With GELITA® EC, capsules producers can manufacture enteric capsules using existing equipment in a one-step process – avoiding additional time and costs – while creating brilliantly clear capsules. GELITA® EC allows manufacturers to produce enteric capsules that adhere to USP (United States Pharmacopeia) dissolution parameters. 

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