Building restoration, ballistic tests and matchsticks?
Yep, it’s all done with gelatin!

Gelatin could be one of the most versatile foodstuffs in the world. But that’s not all. Here are a few more exciting technical applications for this pure and natural ingredient that you might not be aware of.

GELITA provides the gelatin for photographic film and papers, to make adhesives for matchsticks, as a coating for delayed-release fertilizers and for the recycling of various foils.

What’s more, people also use our products to solve some quite unusual problems: GELITA Gelatin is used to restore damaged books and, believe it or not, even buildings. It’s also used in ballistic tests. Indeed, you can actually shoot gelatin – legally – in Paintball games!

And, we protect textiles, we make kitchen pots shine, we improve your laundry and help with residue-free cleaning. We make bank-notes photostable and moisture-resistant and protect board-games and playing cards from little chocolate fingers. And we don’t stop there; we’re always developing great new ideas for applications with gelatin. Improving quality of life: that’s our motto, remember?