VERISOL® enhances holistic beauty through healthy skin, hair and nails!

The Look-Good Feel-Good Connection.

More than a decade ago, VERISOL®  changed the face of the stagnant beauty from within market.

VERISOL®, a specifically optimized Bioactive Collagen Peptide, unlocks the full potential of collagen production, delivering more of the right thing to the right cells; and, in a low 2.5 gram* dose. This low dose allows for multiple and easy formulation options (like VERISOL® HST for beauty gummies, powders, beverages and more) AND economical daily dosing costs.

Supported by years of scientific studies and clinical efficacy, VERISOL® is accompanied by health claims from key regulatory bodies. Enjoy the confidence of compliance while marketing and promoting your brands with VERISOL®.

*VERISOL® from fish raw materials requires a 5 g daily dose

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