VERISOL® HST – opening the door to tasty and convenient beauty supplements

27, 2022
3 min

We at GELITA are convinced that collagen supplements presented in modern, convenient application formats have great potential. And that’s no doubt why growing interest in preventive healthcare has seen a surge in fortified gummy product launches in recent years. Such a dramatic increase in popularity means gummies are now being recognized as a more convenient, easier-to-consume option.

However, in order for these delivery formats to be successful, they must deliver on taste, texture and indulgence, and all while promising the health benefits that consumers are actively seeking out – for example, with regards to skin care and beauty-from-within, which are still the most prominent application fields for collagenous proteins.

But none of that is news to us! And that’s why our novel HST platform is your key to satisfying consumer demands and, at the same time, unlocking the potential of innovative, added-value product ideas. So let’s take a quick look at how our VERISOL® HST can help you in the creation of gummy supplements with proven skin health benefits.

HST stands for Hybrid Smart Technology. Hybrid, because a single HST ingredient can replace the regular gelatin and collagen source needed to produce collagen-enriched fruit gums. And this really is smart, because this completely new ingredient makes your life as a manufacturer easier and gives you more opportunities. For example, from a technological perspective, VERISOL® HST allows for the incorporation of high levels of collagen peptides in fortified gummies — while safeguarding indulgence, texture and taste. At the same time, compared with conventional collagen peptides, handling is easier in terms of storage and transportation, and so too is processing. With its smart technological properties, our VERISOL® HST delivers all you need to make collagen-rich fortified gummies a reality.

VERISOL® contains natural BCP® (Bioactive Collagen Peptides) that have been specifically developed to have the highest possible levels of efficacy in human skin. With their special amino acid composition, they positively influence the skin’s collagen metabolism from the inside out. VERISOL® enters the bloodstream and reaches the fibroblasts in the dermis. In a completely natural process, it stimulates collagen metabolism and helps strengthen the skin’s connective tissue. This means improved elasticity, fewer wrinkles and a younger, healthier appearance. Scientific research confirms that a daily oral intake of just 2.5g of VERISOL® brings beneficial effects. This means that the recommended daily intake can be achieved with just three beauty gummies with a VERISOL® HST content of 33% each.

Together with your creativity, know-how and ambition, our VERISOL® HST completes a winning combination for the production of amazing, high-collagen beauty gummies tailored to the needs of end consumers.

If you want to learn more about our range of innovative HST ingredients or the science behind our skin-related collagen peptides, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts today.

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