24, 2020
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Based on its texture- and taste-providing properties, gelatin makes fortified gummy candies a palatable way to transport active substances into the body. Launched in the late 1990s in the US, fortified gummies have become a viable alternative delivery method for active substances — for both children and grown-ups. Let’s take a quick look at the positioning and flavor trends that are currently driving growth in this category.

In market terms, children remain the main target audience (35% of launches in 2018). Shapes, flavors and characters add interest and appeal, giving gummies a primary positioning in Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand and Latin America. In the much larger North American market, however, the dominance of immune health claims means that this is the overall leading claim (39% in 2018). Taste, of course, is paramount; and, although fruit flavors such as orange and strawberry continue to dominate new product development (NPD), more exotic and sophisticated notes — such as matcha tea, brownie and margarita — are starting to penetrate the adult market.[1]

In recent years (2014–2018), owing to their greater convenience, ease of consumption and suitability for a wide consumer base, gummies have actually outperformed their supplement counterparts in terms of NPD, with a CAGR of 18% compared with just 6%. Perhaps unsurprisingly, North America is the biggest region for gummy supplements, accounting for 75% of launches in 2018, whereas Europe had the highest share of vitamins/minerals as a percentage of launches during 2016–2018 and demonstrated a CAGR of 15% during 2015–2018.[2]

Geographically, although the “children” positioning is prominent across most regions, and that digestive/liver health, brain-mood and skin health were among the fast-growing claims in 2018 everywhere, there are considerable variations in applications around the world. North American companies also focused on pregnancy/breastfeeding and joint health products, whereas oral, energy and stamina product launches featured strongly in Europe and Asia. Bone and immune health were also key drivers in the EU. Diabetes was popular in Latin America, whereas NPD in Australia/New Zealand followed the main overall trends.

To drive innovation and demonstrate the potential of this emerging category, GELITA’s technical experts are constantly working on new fortified gummy concepts. From sugar reduced and tooth-friendly variants to solutions with minerals, omega-3s or fibers, the potential to create tailored products that match individual consumer needs is huge. GELITA supports customers by providing gelatin know-how and nutritional collagen peptide competence.

If you’re looking to develop a new gummy candy product or target a novel application, contact our experts today for the assistance you need.


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