Making protein-rich confectionery a reality

08, 2022
3 min

Now that consumer thinking about protein has moved out of the gym and into grocery and convenience stores, products with protein claims are on the rise. That’s because today’s shoppers want to see protein enrichment in everyday products – even in confectionery!

Although consumers who engage in physical activity remain a core audience for the protein/sports nutrition market, its mainstream evolution is being driven by everyday people who are both active and looking for a convenient health boost. They tend to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to health, with a view to staying fit and mobile for as long as possible.

Next level protein enrichment

For manufacturers, producing protein-rich food is easier said than done. Quite often, enriching an existing product with protein leads to a change in quality. Frequently encountered issues are turbidity (flocculation), textural changes, altered production processes owing to different solubilities, and more. This is as a result of the properties of the protein powder itself and its interaction with other components — especially the water content of the food matrix.

But the good news is that, with SOLUFORM™ PE, which is part of our novel HST portfolio, there are countless possibilities for the development of products with a high protein content. And whether that’s gummies, marshmallows or candies, as well as extruded snacks, table jellies, desserts and cream fillings, when we say high, we really mean it! In marshmallows, we can help manufacturers achieve up to 25% protein content, in gummies up to 35% and in hard-boiled candies, up to as much as 88%!

Smart properties for efficient processing

To change their sensory and technofunctional properties, proteins can be modified thermally, physically, enzymatically, chemically or fermentatively. In SOLUFORM™ PE, the particle properties of collagen, for example, are modified by thermal and/or mechanical process steps, making it suitable for the production of highly concentrated protein solutions without affecting the quality of the end product or the process.

As a result, SOLUFORM™ PE produces less dust during production, transportation and storage. This makes for easier handling and quicker cleaning, resulting in both time and cost savings. It also shows improved dissolution properties. And thanks to adjustable particle size, a higher bulk density and improved wettability profile, it is now easier than ever to create high-concentration solutions.

As the particles quickly sink to the bottom of the dissolution vessel, fewer clumps form and, because of a lower air input requirement, less undesirable foaming occurs. This means fewer rejects and a smoother, more reliable process.

So what challenges are you facing in the production of protein-rich confectionery? And from a technological perspective, which product-concepts seem to be impossible to achieve? Get in touch with our team of experts today and learn more about amazing protein-enrichment possibilities with our HST portfolio.  

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