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02, 2018
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Everyone knows the situation: just before an important meeting or presentation, you’re floored by summer flu. As a consumer, you want rapid results and immediate relief. That means that, as well as a fast-acting active, it’s important that the ingredient can be released as quickly as possible to reach its site of action at full speed. Even the fastest active ingredient is only as quick as its release profile.


But, as most manufacturers know, hot or humid storage conditions can adversely affect this release performance of soft capsules. Under these conditions, the gelatin in the capsule can form cross-links that reduces the release rate of the active ingredient. Particularly in the summer, when people carry capsules in their pockets, this can adversely affect the release profile and decrease the efficacy of the product.


To tackle this issue, experts at GELITA have developed a gelatin that shows reduced cross-linking (GELITA® RXL). And, with cross-linking under control, the next goal was to increase the delivery rate of the active. So, rapid revolutionary release (R²) performance was invented! In close cooperation with the University of Heidelberg, new formulations were tested and analyzed. In the end, the benefits of soft gelatin capsules comprising GELITA® RXL R2 were established.


Capsules were stored for up to 12 months under defined ICH storage conditions and, for comparison, the standard limed bovine bone gelatin and RXL limed bovine bone gelatin with reduced cross-linking performance were also assessed.


The results clearly showed that, even under demanding storage conditions, GELITA® RXL R2 gelatin offers faster fill release rates for both fresh and aged capsules. Hence, it provides significant benefits for the development of soft gelatin capsules for which rapid revolutionary release in combination with long-term stability is required.


With the standard EC, RXL, RXL advanced and RXL R2 products, it is offered pure pharmaceutical-grade gelatin that fulfills almost all possible demands and complies with existing regulations. When it comes to finding the best gelatin grade for each application and designated use, GELITA’s experts help customers with in-depth knowledge and technical service. This not only accelerates product development, but also reduces the risk that a capsule formulation, once developed, will be found to fail dissolution, storage requirements or not fulfill consumer expectations.


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