25, 2018
3 min

To stay successful and be innovative, it is crucial to meet the demands of different target groups: product concepts need to deliver real benefits. So, GELITA conducted a qualitative research in the US, UK and Germany to learn more about the problems, goals and motivations of various consumer populations when it comes to physical exercise.

During 2-hour focus group discussions, researchers investigated the mindset of three groups: 25–35 year-old men and women who work out regularly and use protein products; 40–55 year-old men and women who exercise occasionally; and 60–80 year-old men and women suffering from the age-related loss of muscle mass and strength.

A key result was that although their drivers are different, the common need was exactly the same: motivation for self-optimization. Yes, they know that resistance training is an absolute requirement, but an extra boost would be appreciated! Finding a way to increase the effectiveness of each and every workout is a highly attractive proposition for people of all ages.

Generation fitness: The biggest challenge for the youngest study group is investing the time and sweat to improve their body. Body mania is a Zeitgeist phenomenon and this target group is actively looking for nutritional solutions that support their own determination.

Prime of life: From the age of 35 onwards, personal goals tend to change quite rapidly. For the majority, physical improvement is an aspirational dream that’s difficult to achieve, mainly because of their work load and family chores. Slogans such as “50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30,” etc., do resonate with this age group, but also present challenges and act as a call for action in a society that generally worships a youthful appearance.

Silver years and loss in muscle mass: The condition of getting weaker is a painfully acknowledged fact among people aged 60 and older. The actual level of suffering depends on the overall health and accompanying illnesses of the individual. Yet, they are all aware that everyday chores get more and more difficult to achieve.

BODYBALANCE® Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®s) from GELITA bridge the gap that keeps consumers from reaching their goals. The regular intake of these specific collagen peptides helps to achieve visible results (less fat, more lean body mass, tighter form) within a credible time frame (10–12 weeks) and with reasonable investment (3 hours of resistance training per week). These facts make the ingredient highly appealing for people of all ages. Achieving quick and notable results is a crucial motivator. Products with BODYBALANCE® can make a difference.

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