19, 2020
5 min

White Tissue: Connecting the Whole Body - Part 1: TENDOFORTE®

In this series of blogposts, we want to introduce the concept of “white tissue” and how it is connected with each of our Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (BCP®s). For part one, we’ll start with the specific collagen peptides TENDOFORTE®.

In the past — and with good cause — we’ve talked a lot about collagen. And if you follow our blog, you already know that collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Making up 30 per cent of the body’s total protein content, it can be found in bones, joints, ligaments and muscle fascia. And what do all of these body parts have in common? They are all especially important for active people. There’s just a word of caution, though: sports-induced overuse can actually lead to collagen being broken down faster than it can be synthesized!

16, 2020
5 min

Bioactive Collagen Peptides® and Ice Hockey: A Great Match

The 2013/14 season marked the return of Germany’s Schwenninger Wild Wings ice hockey team to the German Ice Hockey League (DEL). As professionals, their schedules are packed with both training and match play, which, unfortunately — but perhaps not unexpectedly — is often accompanied by numerous physical strains and injuries.

09, 2020
3 min

A Prototype to Take on Bone Health

When two or more companies cooperate, the combined benefits and advantages are often much more than the sum of the individual parts. For example, each party gains from the experience and expertise of the other, which enables everyone involved to tap into the pooled resources and achieve more. A perfect example of such a collaboration is the one between Omya and GELITA. Together, they have created a new prototype for the health and wellness market: a cacao-containing drink for bone health.

24, 2020
4 min


Taste will always be king; but, for the ever-increasing numbers of on-the-go consumers, convenience is critical. As a result, the global market for protein and energy bars is booming. Euromonitor data suggests that, between now and 2024, the category will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7%. At the same time, the cereal bar market is also expected to follow a similar trend with a CAGR of 3% during the same forecast period.