22, 2023
3 min

Young boxer fights her way back from injury

About 25%1 of all sports-related injuries involve the hand or wrist, with boxers particularly at risk. Once an injury has occurred, it is essential to have a good treatment plan that includes not only medical and physical assessments, but also nutritional interventions to minimise downtime and optimise recovery. Thanks to her smart recovery plan, including supplementation with one of our Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®), Caroline Cruveillier, a young professional boxer from France, was able to resume her boxing training 4 months earlier than expected.

13, 2023
5 min

Happy birthday to our health-promoting, beauty-boosting ingredient innovations

When it comes to joint and skin health, two of our innovative Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) have revolutionised the market. That’s why we’re wishing them many happy returns – and marking the occasion by trumpeting the scientifically proven results that have ensured their ongoing popularity.

09, 2022
3 min

Still on the road! How to prevent injuries as a professional 40-year-old cyclist

Being a professional athlete usually means retiring in your 30s, but not for Rachel Neylan. Because of her big successes such as a silver medal at the road cycling world championship in 2012 and her participation at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the 40-year-old Australian was keen to continue her career professionally despite her age. However, due to a higher risk of fractures or soft tissue injuries as an ageing athlete, Rachel decided to invest in preventive measures and support her body from within.

29, 2022
3 min

Back of the net! Injured freestyle football star’s secret to rapid recovery

World-leading freestyle footballer Raquel Benetti is never one to take her eye off the ball – both literally and metaphorically – and it’s a philosophy that served her well when she recently suffered a potentially devastating injury.

Born in 1990, Raquel is a Brazilian athlete, not to mention model and digital influencer, so clearly a woman of many talents! She also happens to be a leading exponent of freestyle football, and has serious skills when it comes to performing highly complex manoeuvres with a ball, including mind-blowing balancing tricks.

01, 2022
3 min

Powered by BCP®: Collagen peptides help get speed cyclist Emma back on track

Cartilage is an essential component of joints. It acts as a shock absorber where two bones meet at the joint – allowing frictionless, smooth movement – and also helps protect bones and joints. Collagen is an essential component of healthy joint cartilage. Therefore, to fight joint pain induced by wear and tear of the cartilage, we developed FORTIGEL® – a product comprised of specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) that are optimized and scientifically proven to stimulate joint cartilage regeneration, and promote measurable growth of cartilage tissue. The considerable advantage of FORTIGEL® over other ingredients typically offered to improve joint conditions is that it tackles the actual cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms.