Ready for summer? Get the secret to firm skin

02, 2018
5 min

Summer, sun, beach – for most of us there’s almost nothing better. But summer time also means showing skin! And that leaves many of us with one urgent question: How do we get our skin into ”beach mode”? The answer is simple: By doing everything we can to make it look like 20 years ago. A crucial point for this is to strengthen our connective tissue. In fact, the following equation applies: tight connective tissue = smooth bikini skin!

The way our connective tissue acts and reacts is not just a matter of our body shape or age. Weak connective tissue and the beauty problems it causes affect curvy as well as slim women, women over and under 40, active and less active women – in short: When it comes to cellulite all  women are fellow sufferers. Although it is not fair at all, men are better off in this respect – they have tighter connective tissue by nature. It’s all down to the way our skin is structured: Female connective tissue resembles a vault of columns that leave plenty of room for storing fat cells in between. Men, on the other hand, have grids of collagen fibres that tighten their connective tissue. This controls fat cells better, which means that men are spared unsightly dents on the surface of their skin. So how can we effectively combat this unpleasant female phenomenon?


A matter of collagen balance

Our skin cells produce less and less collagen from the age of 25. In addition to age, external factors such as UV radiation, smoking and stress damage the skin’s sensitive collagen scaffolding.

Collagen plays an essential role in skin health: produced with elastin and proteoglycans in the deeper layers of the skin, collagen molecules are essential for skin elasticity and resistance. The consequences of decreasing collagen are that skin becomes drier, connective tissue relaxes and the overall appearance of the skin deteriorates.


Collagen, in particular, is what gives the skin its firm structure. As an ingredient, it has already been used in products that are applied to the skin, hair and fingernails for many years. What you might not know, though, is that consuming collagen supplements as part of your diet has a much more long-term effect than any of these topical products. After intensive research, scientists have developed special collagen peptides called VERISOL® that improve the collagen structures in the deeper layers of the skin.


VERISOL® rejuvenates the skin from the inside

You’ve never heard of VERISOL®? This may be because VERISOL® is a patented collagen peptide brand that is used as an ingredient in certain supplements and is not a finished product that you can buy on its own. It consists of natural collagen peptides that have been specifically developed to provide the highest possible efficacy in human skin. The special peptide composition and structure is what makes VERISOL® different and effectively stimulates the skin’s collagen production directly from the inside.


Various studies have proven the effectiveness of VERISOL® supplementation: the special collagen peptides enter the bloodstream and reach the skin’s fibroblasts – skin cells that produce collagen the major component of  our connective tissue. In a completely natural process, VERISOL® collagen peptides boost collagen metabolism and help to strengthen the skin’s connective tissue. This means fewer wrinkles, improved elasticity and a younger and more healthy-looking appearance. But we’ve saved the best till last: A new study has now investigated the potential of GELITA’s specific collagen peptides to treat cellulite. It found that VERISOL® improves the structure of the skin in cellulite-affected areas, and thus visibly reduces dimples and waviness the most visible signs of cellulite.


The good news is that these Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®s) can be incorporated into a wide variety of products: from drinking ampoules and shots to tablets, fruit gummies and delicious beauty drinks. Its secret is already well known in the celebrity world, with many famous models, stars and starlets including collagen peptides in their daily diet. The only question now is: How would you prefer to take the little helpers with the big effect?



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