24, 2020
4 min

Taste will always be king; but, for the ever-increasing numbers of on-the-go consumers, convenience is critical. As a result, the global market for protein and energy bars is booming. Euromonitor data suggests that, between now and 2024, the category will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7%. At the same time, the cereal bar market is also expected to follow a similar trend with a CAGR of 3% during the same forecast period.

Some of the drivers behind these developments are the personalized nutrition movement and the fact that consumers are choosing their foods and snacks more carefully — based on individual requirements and a stronger, more holistic focus on health and diet. As a result, products with a superior nutritional profile that have been specifically formulated to support a healthy and active lifestyle — and deliver an excellent taste experience — are set to dominate the sector. In short, functional bars are a great way for consumers to support their fitness and wellbeing goals in a convenient and tasty way.

Bars with benefits is nothing new. A large number of sports-focused varieties have been available for some time, offering claims such as high protein, improved energy, enhanced alertness, high fiber, gluten free and low sugar, for example. Yet, with a certain amount of stealth, the combined advantages of portability and a positioning of being genuinely healthy, these products have slowly but surely inculcated themselves into the broader consumer psyche.

Bars also represent a convenient delivery system for Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®s). They have been tested in numerous preclinical and clinical studies to confirm both their beneficial effects and safety. With a wealth of credible science to support a wide range of applications, GELITA offers numerous concepts that are capable of meeting the most diverse consumer requirements, such as muscle, skin, bone or joint health-related products, to name a few. They can easily be incorporated into nutritional supplements and functional food products such as sports, energy, instant and dairy drinks, fortified gummies and, of course, functional bars.

As demand for protein-rich, gluten-free and non-allergenic snacks and foods increases, so does the need for greater diversification. With a wide range of technologies and ingredients at its disposal, including collagen peptides, GELITA can tap into a broad array of solutions to create a variety of bars with superior textures. Furthermore, the company’s well known specialized PEPTIPLUS® range — comprising low, high and ultra-high viscosity variants — can easily be used as a softener in high protein bars and to reduce the sugar content in cereal and granola bars, respectively.

For example, a small fruit-flavored “bioactive beauty bar” for hair and skin beauty with 2.5 g of VERISOL® would be ideal for manufacturers who want to realize special beauty from within applications for their customers. Or a caramel, peanut flavored bar with 5 g of TENDOFORTE® would make a perfect “bioactive sports bar.” It’d be great for athletes who could enjoy them on the way to their workout or even in between exercise sessions. Also possible are bars with FORTIGEL® for joint health applications. These, for example, would give the elderly — who want to stay active — a convenient way to take important supplements. The options are almost limitless.

And, in addition to their proven clinical efficacy, Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®s) also deliver clean-label characteristics and an excellent safety profile. No adverse events have been registered in any clinical study and there are no known interactions with drugs or other ingredients. Plus, being a mixture of short-chained linear peptides, their allergenic potential is extremely low.

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