04, 2019
4 min

Beyond the key criteria of being tasty, healthy and natural, several key aspects must be taken into consideration when formulating the ideal functional beverage, particularly when targeting different age groups. Ingredient solubility is paramount. Texture and mouthfeel are also critical. And, finally, as the main purpose of a functional beverage is to provide the consumer with a health benefit, it is particularly important for product developers to use proven, simple-to-use ingredients with documented effects. Consumer expectations are higher than ever, and it’s not easy to incorporate extra health into a drink in a delicious and sensory pleasing way. However, GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides® offer a convenient solution.

The importance of an adequate fluid intake for a healthy and active life is well understood, and drinking a variety of beverages has become part of many people’s daily routine. Yet determining which drinks are best suited to certain target groups remains one of the most challenging aspects of product development. In the active nutrition sector, specific beverages for preparation, performance and recovery have been developed. Now, with the knowledge that certain beverages can be far more important for the human body than just supplying it with fluid, it’s time to use this expertise to develop beverage concepts for different target groups in the population.

At a certain age, for example, when teenagers become more aware of their own physiology, they often turn to sport as a way of gaining muscle mass, reducing weight or supporting body toning. Young adults tend to push themselves, test their personal limits and set themselves goals as they shape their personalities. By the time we reach 35–40 years of age, though, our bodies start to show the first signs of aging. Little aches and pains creep in and wrinkles begin to appear. Often, this is when we become more health aware and self-conscious, as we juggle the many lifestyle issues of healthy nutrition, physical activity and finding time for relaxation as well as work and a busy family life.

The aging population is an increasingly powerful and transformative demographic force: as a result, elderly people are increasingly becoming the focus of product developers. The global population might be getting older, but people want to stay fit and independent for as long as possible. As we age, consuming sufficient quantities of protein each day is very important. Here, again, collagen peptides have shown excellent results.

From fortified breakfast drinks to beauty waters, collagen peptides allow for the production of tailored beverage concepts that fulfill the demanding requirements of these target groups in a convenient way. Whether they are used as sole functional ingredients in powdered drinks or concentrated solutions in drinking vials, or combined with other active ingredients in sports drinks or near-water products, there are no limits to the creative potential of Bioactive Collagen Peptides®.

Their specific technological properties mean they are ideally suited for use in beverages: They are highly soluble in water, forming a totally clear solution and exerting no negative influence on the taste or smell of the final product. In addition, collagen peptides are heat and acid stable and combine well with other nutrients such as mineral salts and vitamins. This makes them ideal ingredients for the development of healthy beverage concepts that score well on every level.

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