14, 2019
4 min

Apparently unaffected by global economics and boom-and-bust trends, the worldwide markets for collagen peptides and gelatine continue to flourish. Driving this growth are a number of factors, including an increasing awareness about personal healthcare and nutrition, the rising population of ageing consumers and the steady pace of industrialization in developing geographies.

GELITA’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides® are scientifically proven ingredients that offer a wide variety of nutritional benefits. Building on our existing portfolio, a new of range SMART TECHNOLOGY products have been created using an additional particle engineering processing step. As a result, customers benefit from extra value in the form of technological advantages that, for example, enhance efficiency and process performance. They can also provide added functional value, improve specific properties or confer innovative characteristics that open up new product and process design possibilities.

GELITA ST and hybrid (HST) products produce less dust during production, transportation and storage, which makes handling easier and also reduces cleaning times, leading to time and cost savings. Better dissolution properties, derived from an adjustable particle size, a higher bulk density and an improved wettability profile, makes it easier than ever to create high-concentration solutions. They also reduce the occurrence of undesired foaming, resulting in fewer rejects and a smoother, more controllable process.

In the fast-moving world of food and nutrition, protein has become a very sought-after ingredient. However, in functional foods and dietary supplements, incorporating large quantities of protein into the final product can be problematic. Yet, with GELITA SMART TECHNOLOGY, HST peptides can easily be used to manufacture clear fruit gummies with a protein content of up to 35% on a standard Mogul production line.

GELITA ST and HST products also make it possible to achieve a high dry substance binding system, resulting in an improved drying and setting regime within a viscosity range that’s suitable for the production of cereal bars. As a result, our technologically optimized collagen peptides can also be used as a coating agent or binder in muesli bars.

And, as GELITA ST products have a much higher bulk density than conventional powder products, it’s possible to significantly increase the amount of collagen peptides that can be filled in a hard-capsule shell.

Of course, in line with GELITA’s existing portfolio, ST products are non-allergenic and can be used to achieve a clean and clear label. If the product requires the bioactivity of collagen peptides to be combined with gelling power, HST products now also offer the convenience of being able to handle just one product instead of two. Further to the advantages already mentioned, additional benefits include supply optimization (order, transport, store and process just one ingredient), making it easier to manufacture innovative products.

To master the development process of products with added value, a great deal of technological, nutritional and regulatory know-how is required. We continuously monitor global markets and consumer trends to help our customers develop innovative approaches to creating new products. From technical support, recipe or concept development and nutritional and regulatory advice, we offer guidance and expertise throughout the entire value chain. And, right now, there are strong growth opportunities for collagen-based innovations in the market.

If you’re looking to develop a new product and benefit from the advantages that ST and HST collagen peptides offer, contact us today.