Athletes experiences with Collagen Peptides

Staying ahead of the game: Sports stars praise power of Bioactive Collagen Peptides®

How high performance athletes in different sports got back on track by including a collagen peptide supplementation in their training routines.
Athletes frequently subject themselves and their bodies to extreme strain, which can have serious health consequences. As such, soft tissue injuries of the muscles, tendons and ligaments are extremely common in both amateur and professional sportspeople. Strong tendons deliver strength, power and speed — derived from their intact composition of extracellular matrix collagens, proteoglycans and elastic fibers. Therefore, it’s vitally important to counteract and prevent these injuries with a combination of supplements, rest and proper nutrition.
One protein in particular, collagen, is the main structural component of the various connective tissues in mammals. Comprising 25–35% of our whole-body protein content, it’s the most abundant protein in humans and, in the form of elongated fibrils, is mostly found in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments and skin. Collagen peptides can help to prevent joint damage from mechanical stress. It’s also an important protein source, providing the nutrients required for the many metabolic processes that take place in muscles and cells. Collagen peptides can easily be incorporated into a wide variety of sports nutrition products without any negative impact on taste.




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