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02, 2018
5 min

Ready for summer? Get the secret to firm skin

Summer, sun, beach – for most of us there’s almost nothing better. But summer time also means showing skin! And that leaves many of us with one urgent question: How do we get our skin into ”beach mode”? The answer is simple: By doing everything we can to make it look like 20 years ago. A crucial point for this is to strengthen our connective tissue. In fact, the following equation applies: tight connective tissue = smooth bikini skin!

22, 2018
3 min

Think Beauty – Make sure your products meet consumer demand

Everybody wants it and many spend a lot of money on it. What is it? Beauty! That beauty comes from within is not just an old truism, scientists are increasingly finding that you can eat yourself lean, fit and healthy. Certain nutrients can support skin health and contribute to lustrous hair and strong nails. And foodstuffs that have an effect on beauty (nutricosmetics) are on the rise.

23, 2018
4 min

Leaf Gelatine: Creating A Culinary Journey for the Senses!

Leaf Gelatine, also known as sheet gelatine, is globally renowned for its amazing sensorial performance, texturizing properties and ease of use in the world’s most beloved food dishes. Trusted by chefs, butchers, bakers and culinary enthusiasts, leaf gelatine is the must-have ingredient in professional kitchens and culinary studios around the globe!

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