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27, 2024
4 min

GELITA® EC: Managing Oxidation in Omega-3 Capsules

Omega-3 fatty acids are highly susceptible to oxidation, making the use of gelatin in softgel capsules crucial for protecting the precious oils from external factors. However, this protection does not make them resistant to the acidic environment of the stomach during digestion, where oxidation is also a problem. Therefore, to ensure that this active ingredient reaches the intestine intact, enteric capsules are needed. Our tailored gelatin product GELITA® EC for enteric release not only protects the fatty acids but also ensures a more efficient production process.

With consumers increasingly focusing on a healthy lifestyle, the popularity of health-promoting supplements is on the rise. Among these, omega-3 products, known to support heart health and brain function [1], are one of the most popular choices. Market data shows that omega-3 oils derived from sources such as krill or fish are becoming increasingly valued ingredients within the nutraceutical industry. With an expected average annual growth rate of 13.8 per cent until 2029, rising demand for omega-3 in dietary supplements shows no sign of abating [2]. Moreover, omega-3 is increasingly used in pharmaceuticals and infant formula, with forecasts suggesting that its usage in both sectors will more than double between 2023 and 2029 [3].

08, 2024
4 min

Future-proofing delicious and nutritious bars with OPTIBAR®

Bars are a globally popular format for nutrition on the go. But when it comes to satisfying key consumer trends, two major stumbling blocks are holding the market back: it’s difficult to add lots of protein without a negative impact on texture, and it’s tricky to create cereal bars that are not high in sugar.

At least that was the case until we perfected a new ingredient that makes their production (almost literally) a piece of cake. By harnessing the superior dissolution and functional properties of natural collagen peptides, OPTIBAR® is a game changer.

Key consumer demands

High protein and low sugar are two of the biggest consumer demands in sports nutrition and cereal bars.

Research shows that the top two most influential claims in the sports nutrition sector are ‘high source of protein’ and ‘low sugar’. (1) However, there is a gap in the market for low sugar products. While 26 percent of consumers are influenced by this benefit, just 11 to 16 percent of recent launches have cited it. (1)

06, 2024
3 min

Collagen Peptides: The Missing Link in Bone Health

Orthopedics Expert Panel recommends Specific Collagen Peptides

Bone health is crucial for menopausal women and the aging population due to the increased risk of osteoporosis and fractures associated with age-related bone loss. Maintaining optimal bone density is essential for reducing the likelihood of fractures and preserving overall mobility and quality of life. Osteoporosis, characterized by reduced bone density, increased fracture risk, and impaired quality of life. It is a global problem, affecting an estimated 200 million people worldwide, with the number expected to rise to over 300 million by 2050.

In India - according to statistics - approximately 61 million people have osteoporosis, with women being disproportionately affected compared to men.

However, osteoporosis is not exclusive to women; one in eight men also experiences this condition. Fractures, particularly hip fractures, are a major concern, with over 250,000 hip fractures occurring annually in India alone, severely impacting the affected individuals’ quality of life.

29, 2024
5 min

Beauty: The currency of overall health and wellbeing

In a society where beauty often seems synonymous with shallowness and vanity, it's crucial to acknowledge its deeper meaning as a reflection of our overall well-being. Beauty transcends mere appearances; it's a currency that encompasses physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

When we talk about beauty, we're not just talking about flawless skin or perfectly styled hair. Beauty reflects our inner vitality: a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep form the basis for a glowing appearance. Nourishing our bodies with nutritious foods and staying hydrated not only promotes healthy skin and hair but also enhances our energy levels and immune system.

True beauty, therefore, involves maintaining an equilibrium in every aspect of life, including adopting a healthy lifestyle, managing stress, nurturing relationships, and prioritizing self-care.

Prioritizing self-care aligns with the increasing demand over the past decade for foods and supplements aimed at enhancing skin, hair, and nail health. These products often feature ingredients such as collagen, biotin, and antioxidants.1

22, 2024
4 min

PETAGILE® - a holistic solution for improved joint health in dogs

A large number of dogs suffer from osteoarthritis (OA), a chronic, progressive and painful disease with a prevalence of up to 80 per cent in older canines (1). However, finding effective treatments remains a major challenge in veterinary medicine, as traditional therapies are often limited to pain management and carry the risk of side-effects. That's why an increasing number of studies are looking at nutritional supplements with no adverse effects, such as our PETAGILE® Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®).

Treatment options

Typical signs of OA include stiffness, lameness and unwillingness to exercise, jump or climb (2). The disease progresses with the loss of articular cartilage within the synovial joints, leading to subchondral sclerosis, synovitis and thickening of the capsule (3).

Non-surgical, pain management solutions can alleviate symptoms but do not treat the cause. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), meanwhile, are widely used for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, but are associated with gastrointestinal problems, renal failure, anorexia, lethargy and even death (4). So, in a bid to test the efficacy of an alternative treatment, a recent study investigated the role Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) could potentially play in the management of OA in dogs.

25, 2024
2 min

Softgel manufacturer survey reveals extent of leakage issues

Capsule leaks may be tiny, but they can cause major problems in softgel manufacturing. Keen to learn more about how the occurrence of leakers affects the production process, we interviewed 20 softgel manufacturers. Most of the interviewees worked in R&D, operations and quality in both health & nutrition and pharmaceutical companies. Here are the key findings:

Age-old problem

100 per cent of respondents said they had experienced leaking softgels at some point during the process (drying, production, storage, stability testing, transport and packaging). However, most leakers are detected during or after drying process, in rotating tumblers but also on trays. Furthermore, 85 per cent of softgel manufacturers had noticed a link between leaking softgels and their fill. According to the interviewees the occurrence of leakers is highly depending on the fill system. Lecithin, pastes and (herbal) powders are the most challenging fills. Interestingly, most softgel manufacturers accept leakers within certain parameters, imposing limits of between one and five per cent. This may demonstrate that a certain tolerance for leaker occurrence is necessary, as there has been no reliable solution to fully avoid leaking softgels.