Our mission statement

With our corporate values and GELITA management model, we are able to accommodate individual and cultural differences while at the same time living a common culture across all locations.

Our corporate values

Our corporate values are trust, courage, passion, empathy, commitment and CARE. These apply to all employees. They form the basis for our dealings with each other as well as with our suppliers and customers, and act as the yardstick for our everyday actions.


Our values


The GELITA Competency Model: Growing together - ONE GELITA

With our strong values at its core, the GELITA Competency Model defines the behaviours expected of all GELITA employees and the requirements linked to their individual function and role. It is thus about the HOW and the WHAT of our everyday work. Thereby, it supports us to organizationally align and to improve the overall quality of leadership and the opportunities for personal and professional development. Our GELITA Values and the GELITA Competency Model are the foundation for both our professional development and the long-term sustainable success of our company.


GELITA competence model


Our culture of innovation

Innovation is one of the three pillars of our strategy and plays an important role for our employees and GELITA as a company. This is why all employees are part of our innovation culture and can, or rather must, contribute to it. Our guiding principle is: "Your ideas, our future".

As a GELITA employee, this means that you are motivated and enthusiastic about your work. You question the status quo and are open to ideas. As part of ONE GELITA, your contributions are important and ensure that GELITA will be successful in the future, too.

For GELITA, this means that we are prepared for an uncertain future, and convinced that we will continue to expand our market leadership. We are unique in creating and providing added value to our customers and partners.

GELITA makes the difference!