Sugar-reduced indulgence with SOLUFORM™ SR

22, 2022
3 min

Some find it a bit strange, while others would go so far as to say it’s downright contradictory. What are we talking about? Sweet treats positioned as healthier or better-for-you options, that’s what! However, evidence suggests that there is growing demand for such offerings, with figures from Innova Market Insights revealing that new product launches in confectionery carrying a no/low/reduced sugar claim witnessed a 17% CAGR between 2015 and 2020. This proves that global obesity concerns are resulting in consumers actively reducing sugar intake not only in their daily diet, but also in indulgent treats.

With this in mind, the food industry has been challenged with developing sweet products that have a lower sugar content than their traditional counterparts – but are still tasty and enjoyable.

What sounds like a contradiction is easy to achieve with our new SOLUFORM™ SR product. By substituting regular gelatin in your recipe with SOLUFORM™ SR, you can easily reduce the sugar content of your products without compromising on either texture or taste. At the same time, a reduction in the amount of carbohydrates and calories present in the end product is also possible, as is a simultaneous increase in protein content. And if you are looking to manufacture sugar-free concepts, SOLUFORM™ SR can help you do that too.

Technologically speaking, sugar reduction can be challenging. Sucrose is a sweet bulk ingredient that has long been used in confectionery and influences the texture of the end product, as a result of its crystallization and solubility behaviour. In other words, every time sugar is taken out of the food matrix, the whole system can become unbalanced – not only in terms of taste, but also technological characteristics.

There are, however, several different options available to replace sugar or its associated sweetness in a food system. For example, artificial or high-intensity sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, saccharine, acesulfame K and cyclamate provide several times more sweetness than sugar – but no bulk.

SOLUFORM™ SR is highly suitable for various sugar-reduced and sugar-free formulations. For sugar-free products, it can provide the necessary bulk when using sweeteners such as stevia. In sugar-reduced applications such as fruit gummies or bars, it allows for a reduction in sucrose without significant changes in sweetness. In most cases, the sweetening power of the remaining sugar is still strong and the texture is similar to the original products. If necessary, the taste can be optimized by adding minimal amounts of sweeteners. To sum up, SOLUFORM™ SR helps to keep texture and taste at the desired level, and is easy to process using standard equipment.

What’s more, SOLUFORM™ SR is natural, purine-, lactose- and GMO-free, clean label and non-allergenic. And, depending on specific requirements, pork and beef versions are also available.

So how about you? Are you a believer in sugar-reduced sweet treats and curious to learn more about the technological and sensorial challenges associated with manufacturing these products? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts today!

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