GELITA presents Cutting-Edge solutions for Supplements

GELITA, the leading manufacturer of gelatin and collagen peptides, is back at Vitafoods in Geneva presenting its latest solutions. SOLUFORM™ and VERISOL® HST are the new smart solutions to realize fortified gummies for a demanding and growing market. GELITA® EC is enabling enteric soft capsules safeguarding sensitive ingredients through the aggressive gastric environment. And GELITA Health provides turnkey products with scientifically proven BCP® ready to market for the customer in all sales channels. Join our educational sessions and accept the GELITA Wellness Challenge on site.

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Healthy but tasty, please

GELITA developed three brand new products for fortified gummy solutions to deliver all the health benefits that consumers are requesting while ensuring great taste and texture and are hassle free in production.

SOLUFORM™ PE - the protein booster for your confectionery!

SOLUFORM™ PE is optimized for the production of fruit gummies with high protein content. By combining the roles of gelatin and the protein source in one functional ingredient, the manufacturing of protein enriched gummies gets as easy as possible.

SOLUFORM™ SR – next generation gelatin for sugar reduced confectionery!

SOLUFORM™ SR allows to reduce the sugar concentration of confectionery without affecting the texture. Thereby a sugar content of a fruit gummy can be cut down from 70% to 40%. Furthermore this leads to a reduced carbohydrate content. Even no-sugar concepts are possible using SOLUFORM™ SR.

VERISOL® HST for next generation beauty gummies!

VERISOL® HST is optimized for the production of collagen enriched fruit gummies. It replaces both, gelatin and collagen peptides and enables a concentration of 15% BCP® in fruit gummies without affecting the taste and texture of the final product.

In this way VERISOL® HST is the perfect solution to cater fortified gummies of the beauty from within segment with the required high dosage of BCP®.





HST Gummies
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Safeguard sensitive active ingredients to the intestine

Consumers have been ingesting nutrients in soft capsules for decades due to their ease of swallowing and convenience. While for some fills it is important to be released as fast as possible, like analgesics, for other sensitive substances it is crucial they are transported safely through the aggressive stomach environment to be released only in the small intestine. In this way you also can avoid the nagging fishy burps caused by an early release of omega 3 in the stomach. Instead of applying an acid-insoluble opaque coating to the capsule in a second time and cost-consuming production step, GELITA EC allows production of crystal clear enteric soft caps in one single step using existing equipment.


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Innovations for a life in motion

From concept to shelf, our goal is to provide customers with turn-key BCP® solutions to create innovative products in their selected application area from tailor-made recipes to individual packaging. Take advantage of the GELITA Health expertise, resources, and network to speed-up your go-to-market! Use your own brand or license one of the strong international GELITA HEALTH brands – it is up to you.


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CH-Alpha® Active



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Live on Stage – Visit our Educational Sessions

Fortified gummies: Pleasure meets health

Functional fruit gums provide a solution to the consumer demand for ways to supplement their diet. These enriched fruit gums are a new delivery form for vitamins, probiotics and many other active ingredients. GELITA helps you to develop your functional gummy formulation that bridges the gap between nutritional supplements and traditional confectionery. With GELITA’s fortified gummy solutions, promising times are ahead for the development of innovative health products. Honestly, what would you prefer, a bulky vitamin capsule or a delicious gummy bear?

Mr Till Kinne

  • Speaker: Mr. Till Kinne
  • Wednesday 11th May
  • 15:00 - 15:25 (25 minutes)

New Ingredients Theatre

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Enteric capsules for new application opportunities

Most enteric delivery systems are produced by applying an acid-insoluble coating to fresh soft capsules. This intensive two-step process adds time and money to the cost of each enteric capsule. GELITA® EC allows manufacturers to produce enteric capsules in one step. Unlike the offered enteric coatings, which are often based on petrochemical substances, GELITA® EC uses naturally occurring and very well tolerated formulations. GELITA® EC is part of GELITA's controlled release portfolio for active ingredients which covers all aspects from slow to fast release: GELITA® EC, GELITA® RXL, and GELITA® RXL R².

Mr Martin Junginger

  • Speaker: Mr Martin Junginger
  • Wednesday 11th May
  • 11:30 - 11:55 (25 minutes)

Probiotics Theatre

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