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GELITA, the expert in collagen and gelatin, will be showcasing GELITA’s collagen ingredients at booth #422, offering insights for trendy product development. Visit our booth to discover our latest ingredients, PeptENDURE® and EASYSEAL®!

Explore our booth to learn more about our Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) for beauty, healthy aging, and sports nutrition. Our gelatin experts will be available to address your questions about popular delivery formats like soft gels and hard caps, providing information on a wide range of customized gelatins for specific effects, timing, or capsule fill release duration. Feel free to challenge us with your formulation and product development requirements!




Leak-Free Softgel Production

A new era has dawned in softgel production with the introduction of EASYSEAL®. This innovative solution empowers manufacturers to streamline their processes effortlessly. By making the switch to the new EASYSEAL® gelatin, you can experience significant decreases in leaks, reduced processing expenses, and improved final product quality.

The problem of softgels losing their contents due to inadequate capsule seams is a major issue leading to decreased productivity and lower yields for manufacturers. EASYSEAL® addresses this challenge while offering additional advantages. This pharmaceutical-grade gelatin is highly processable, enhancing seam formation by improving seam thickness and stability. This ensures that softgels are more resilient to physical stress during production and packaging.

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A Revolutionary Sports Performance Ingredient

PeptENDURE® stands out as the pioneering collagen protein in the market proven to boost the benefits of endurance training and long-term performance by triggering adaptive muscle changes. This approach offers a sustainable and foundational strategy for improvement rather than a temporary solution. By incorporating PeptENDURE®, brands can attract new consumers and introduce exciting options for current sports nutrition enthusiasts.

Designed to cater to the needs of endurance athletes and individuals involved in various sports activities, PeptENDURE® aims to enhance performance consistently – whether it's long-distance running, team sports, or high-intensity workouts at the gym. In two placebo-controlled studies, PeptENDURE® (15g daily for 12 weeks) has shown significant efficacy, with participants running 14% faster after consumption. This improvement could be the key factor between finishing fifth or claiming the top spot.

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Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®)

Collagen is highly sought after by consumers, yet not all collagen products are equal. As consumers become increasingly informed about the ingredients that best suit their health goals, they will seek even more effectiveness from scientifically supported components, like GELITA Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®). This specialized composition contains various peptides tailored to offer specific physiological advantages in areas such as Beauty-from-Within, Mobility, Sports Nutrition/Active Nutrition Health, and Healthy Aging solutions.

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Delivery Formats

Gelatin, known for its distinctive characteristics, plays a crucial role in precision delivery formats. Traditionally utilized in capsule production, gelatin from GELITA's release portfolio allows manufacturers to precisely control the timing and duration of the fill release to align with specific consumer requirements. To meet the rising demand for fortified gummies, GELITA provides advanced gelatin tailored for this sought-after supplement delivery method.

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