GELITA South Africa Pty. Ltd

GELITA South Africa Pty. Ltd
25 Verster Street
West Krugersdorp
South Africa

GELITA South Africa

The GELITA plant in South Africa is located in the province of Gauteng, about 40 km west of Johannesburg, on the outskirts of the small town of Krugersdorp. The plant employs about 70 people. In November 2001, it celebrated its 50th anniversary. It is the only gelatine plant in the country and covers about three quarters of total domestic demand.

The GELITA South Africa Pty. Ltd. plant produces both edible gelatine using the alkaline process and various types of technical gelatine. Bovine hide is used as raw material; this is obtained from tanning works, slaughterhouses and meat processors throughout the country.

The quality product gelatine is blended to customer specifications and stringently controlled.

GELITA South Africa Pty. Ltd. market a number of special products such as "Liquifine", a liquid gelatine tor the expanding South African wine industry. In addition, we sell GELITA® Instant Gelatine, as well as GELITA hydrolyzed collagen.

The consumers of GELITA®Gelatine obtain an excellent and reliable product based on years of successful application. This know-how and the investments made in R&O have helped to establish GELITA SA as the market leader.