Service that deserves the name

We make the difference. At GELITA, you don’t just buy high quality gelatine proteins that are specifically tailored to you application, you also get a comprehensive and unparalleled service package. We offer professional advice, product development and reformulation support, process enhancement and guidance in regulatory affairs, registration and marketing. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s our scientific backing and our remote and on-site technical service.

Why do we invest in this value-added service package? The answer is simple: because we understand the challenges you face, including increasing competition, cost pressures, short product lifecycles, increasing globalization and market diversification.

Whatever your aim – we deliver technical support
We see the complete picture: From new products to existing ones, we support and enhance product development. You might want to create a specific product, or you want to adjust the texture, replace additives with E-numbers or improve the nutritional profile of your existing ones. Or you might want to make your products more profitable and upgrade your manufacturing process to leverage productivity and improve margins. Whatever your aim, we’re at your disposal – worldwide and even at your own premises.

Any regulatory questions?
Don´t worry Do you sometimes wonder how companies navigate the labyrinth of legal requirements in all those different countries and regions? Food regulation is without doubt an extremely complex issue, which is is why we have a dedicated department that supports our clients with all aspects of regulatory advice, from import/export matters and the manufacture and sale of raw materials to product labeling and marketing.

Don’t worry! We know all about the obstacles and how to overcome them. Sign up to our Regulatory Newsletter to keep up to date.

Are you planning a new product?

GELITA has the know-how to enable you to successfully realize this. We can provide you with sound application and technical advice - worldwide and at your own premises.

Highly-qualified experts will support you in planning and realizing new products and processes and can develop with you individual formulations with gelatine or protein types that are specifically geared to your requirements.

Tailor-made solutions

No one customer is the same as another. And no product is identical to another.
This is why GELITA does not supply "off the rack" raw materials but tailor-made ones. Our ingredients are tailor-made to your individual applications and production processes, specifications and goals. In this way we can guarantee more economical production – and a higher quality of your final product.

Our offer: Process analysis and production optimization.

Cost reduction, increase in productivity, safety or quality improvements – there are many good reasons for optimizing your production processes.

We can support you in these efforts.

Based on comprehensive process analysis, we can come up with proposals that can render your production processes more efficient, economic and safer.

GELITA Regulatory Support

In every country there are different laws governing the import, manufacture and sales of raw materials and products.

We can provide you with expert support in overcoming these legal obstacles.

Our service ranges from information on the obtaining of import licenses to individual consultation on regulatory affairs to the Regulatory Newsletter which keeps you up to date with regulatory matters.