With our innovative GELITA Sol® C, we offer high-performance collagen peptides with proven benefits. The superfine micro-peptides easily pass through the epidermis, the top layer of the skin, and penetrate the dermis – where they are needed. GELITA Sol® C moisturizes and boosts elastin and collagen synthesis and contributes to the smoothness and suppleness of the skin, and also acts as a free radical inhibitor. In addition, by preserving the neutral pH value of the skin, it also improves its barrier function. 

In hair care products, GELITA Sol® C helps to reduce the damage caused by styling and bleaching; it improves the firmness and structure of the hair, and also contributes to a beautiful and healthy looking gloss. It enhances the absorption of natural hair-coloring agents, reduces the irritation produced by anionic surfactants and offers high levels of heat protection. GELITA Sol® C shows excellent dermatological compatibility with skin and is a natural, allergen-free and sustainable ingredient.