By combining innovation, scientific application, a sense for future co-operations and a feeling for the complex market of collagen proteins for industrial use, GELITA AG has set a course for sustained market leadership.

Our goal is to continue to be the world's leading supplier of collagen proteins and to generate profitable and sustainable market share growth on a global basis. By adhering to a defined strategy, we will achieve this goal by combining excellent innovation and customer management with specifically targeted acquisitions. Strong management guarantees success in this competitive market.


Our mission: Improving Quality of Life

As worldwide market leader, we aim to create values that will benefit our customers, our shareholders and our employees. Our activities as a globally operating company are constantly geared towards upholding our corporate framework and maintaining our high standards. 


GELITA is the brand that binds us together

We wish to remain the number one in the world. This means:

  • As a global company, knowledge transfer and the close collaboration of all organizational units must be guaranteed.
  • Our internal growth will be determined by innovation, proximity to the customer and efficient processes. In these respects, we are the best in the industry.
  • As an innovative company, we constantly endeavor to identify market trends at an early stage and optimize our processes. We are fast when it comes to implementation.


Our values

Our management principles are based on common values. Communication and trust are the pillars on which our global teams act. This philosophy enables us to engage and retain the very best employees.


We are open, honest, fair and treat ourselves with respect.

Unsere Werte - Vertrauen
Unsere Werte - Mut


We are courageous and prepared to take risks in order to find every new path. We are capable of learning from our own mistakes.


We have high intrinsic energy and great enthusiasm for what we do and take pride in our work.

Unsere Werte - Leidenschaft
Unsere Werte - Empathie


We have an understanding for others and are prepared to offer help.


Our actions are clear and consistent: we do what we say, we can rely on each other and we pursue the long-term interests of our company.

Unsere Werte - Verbindlichkeit
Unsere Werte - Care


We care about people, society and the environment. We show this through our continuous actions of reducing our environmental impact, of supporting society and human welfare. We expect the same from our business partners.