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GELITA offers a diverse and versatile portfolio of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® to support healthy aging from the inside-out – whether bones, joints, ligaments and tendons, muscles or skin – and more! GELITA has also designed and developed a comprehensive portfolio of gelatines that provide excellent fill release performance for soft capsules – from very fast release in the stomach to very slow release in the intestine – and everything in between!

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Collagen is a major component of the human body, comprising about 30% of our total body protein. One of the primary structural proteins of connective tissues – it is a vital component of our whole body. This is exciting because of the advances in collagen peptide research as it relates to the body’s collagen metabolism and human physiology. While collagen has been successfully used for years in topical beauty and personal care products such as body lotions, face cream and more – recent scientific evidence confirms that the highest efficacy can be achieved when collagen is ingested orally. However, collagen supplementation should not be considered a one size fits all solution. Different collagen peptides offer optimized benefits for different areas of the body. Research shows that GELITA Bioactive Collagen Peptides® are optimized to maximize the stimulatory effects on specific cells in the body...and, the level of stimulation is different for varying collagen peptide compositions.

GELITA offers a diverse and versatile portfolio of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® to support healthy aging from the inside-out:Jaqueline
BODYBALANCE® for body toning and increased muscle strength.
FORTIBONE® for improving bone mass density and supporting bone stability and flexibility.
FORTIGEL®for supporting joint health and mobility.
VERISOL® for improved skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction, and even cellulite reduction as well as improved nail growth.
TENDOFORTE® for increasing health and quality of ligaments and tendons.

GELITA Bioactive Collagen Peptides® are a pure source of protein – non-allergenic, and free from additives, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fat, gluten, sugar – and, they are neutral in odor and taste. They are rapidly absorbed by the body by virtually 100% and provide high bioavailability. In their natural form, they do not react with other ingredients; therefore, they can enhance and optimize the most diverse applications including beverages, dietary supplements and food ingredients for a variety of food applications.

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Excellent Fill Release Performance
GELITA® GELATINE is a pure protein that has many functional properties that cannot be mimicked. It is carbohydrate, cholesterol, fat and gluten- free; neutral in odor and taste; and is allergen-free. And, because our gelatines do not react with other ingredients, they can enhance and optimize the most diverse applications – from hard- and soft-capsules to gummies, and so much more – ideal, for fiber, protein, vitamin and even Bioactive Collagen Peptides® enrichment. GELITA also offers solutions across the entire release profile spectrum – whether the desire is fast and effective results or release – GELITA® RXL R2 (analgesics), or to avoid the undesirable effect of fishy burps and aftertastes – GELITA® EC (fish oil and other omega-3 fatty acids), and everything in between – as well as gelatines tailor-made to your specific applications, formulations and requirements (GELITA® GELATINE).
GELITA is the global gelatine, collagen and collagen peptides expert. Our commitment to extensive clinical research, optimized production processes and technical know-how positions us far above the competition.
To learn more about GELITA’s #AmazingCollagen and #AmazingGelatine, and why not all are the same – stop by Booth # 3463 at Engredea. Visit with our experts and explore our portfolio of branded and scientifically supported collagen peptides and gelatines including BODYBALANCE®, VERISOL®, GELITA® RXL R2, GELITA® EC and more!

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