Strong tendons and ligaments are crucial for lifelong wellness and physical activity. Ligaments bind bones together and tendons bind muscle to bone. Made of collagen,  they are the connecting elements of the body, crucial for movement control, stability, and better mobility. Especially for active people, soft-tissue injuries, those affecting muscles, tendons and ligaments, are extremely common at all levels of sport. Whether it is running, climbing, tennis, golf or soccer, most injuries result from the overuse of tendons. These are very common because strength, power, and speed are dependent on rigid tendons. However, harder tendons may be better for performance but they are also more injury prone. High performing tendons and ligaments combine strength and flexibility. Collagen fibres give them the right elasticity for optimal function and performance. Tendon injuries are characterized by collagen fibre degeneration and are slow to recover and disrupt training with a number of personal, competitive and financial consequences to the high performance athlete or the exercise enthusiast.