New biotechnology lab

GELITA opens Biotech Hub in Frankfurt am Main

Biotech Hub

Eberbach, 27 July 2022. GELITA AG has established a center for biotechnology. At the Biotech Hub in Frankfurt am Main, biologists and biotechnologists work, among other things, on the development of proteins from biotechnological processes for applications in nutrition, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical and medical products. The investment in the new site represents a milestone for GELITA on its way to a broader, sustainable product portfolio.

"Investing in GELITA's Biotech Hub is a clear commitment to biotechnology, a key and future-oriented 21st-century technology that offers enormous innovation potential. It allows us to meet the growing demand of international markets sustainably and with new offers. At the same time, the new research laboratory underlines our commitment to innovation in our markets and our goal of sustainable, profitable growth", explained Dr. Sven Abend, CEO of GELITA AG, at the opening ceremony. GELITA collagen peptides from animal raw materials have recorded high growth rates in recent years. As a pioneer in the clinical research and production of specific bioactive collagen peptides, the company also plans to systematically expand its expertise in the field of biotechnology. A move that will secure its core business in the long term and open up new, lucrative market segments.

In the new research laboratory located in the Höchst Industrial Park in Frankfurt am Main, laboratory manager Dr. Christoph Schorsch and his team are developing and optimizing microorganisms that can produce almost unlimited varieties of organic compounds. Their initial focus is on proteins for the food and cosmetics industries and companies in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. According to Dr. Schorsch, the advantages are clear: "Biotechnology overcomes the limitations of conventional manufacturing processes. Biotechnologically produced proteins enable us to manufacture alternatives of consistently high quality and with optimized properties - in some cases even more resource-efficiently and sustainably than by conventional means."

Leveraging geographical advantages

GELITA sees clear geographical advantages in its decision to locate in Frankfurt with its proximity to the biotech-based industrial and research landscape of the Main metropolis. Among other things, the company hopes to receive applications from well-trained, experienced specialists. "As a fast-growing, innovation-driven company, we offer career starters and professionals diversified tasks in a young, friendly team as well as a wide range of development opportunities," says Dr. Schorsch. The company plans to continually expand the team in the coming years.