GELITA’s collagen proteins prevent sports injuries and promote faster healing

Vitafoods Europe 7–9 May 2019, booth E14: GELITA to showcase its latest collagen peptides for sports nutrition and healthy ageing applications, as well as best fill release opportunities for soft capsules

Eberbach, April 2019 – At this year’s Vitafoods Europe event, GELITA will highlight innovative product developments and new scientific findings. With TENDOFORTE®, for example, the company offers specific collagen peptides that are proven to strengthen ligaments and tendons, thereby preventing sports-induced injuries and helping athletes to return to training faster. GELITA will also present the latest research on FORTIBONE®, which is proven to increase bone mineral density, and present a complete spectrum of soft gelatine capsules — including GELITA® EC for enteric performance — that offer a wide range of fill release profiles.

With a focus on preventing injuries and wear and tear, GELITA will offer visitors to Vitafoods Europe in-depth information on specific collagen peptides that support the musculoskeletal system. Overuse-induced tendon and ligament injuries are common in both amateur and professional sportspeople. However, scientific studies confirm that TENDOFORTE®, which has been specifically developed to keep tendons and ligaments strong and flexible, has both a preventive effect and accelerates regeneration, helping athletes to return to their previous performance levels more quickly.

The Bioactive Collagen Peptides® stimulate the structure-forming cells of the tendons and ligaments to form more matrix molecules and thus keep them powerful and resilient. With its unique mode of action, this clean label ingredient is especially suitable for the booming sports nutrition market.

To show how this could work in a finished product, GELITA has developed the Yoga Bar especially for the show. Visitors are invited to taste it at the GELITA booth.

Plus, as it makes up 95% of the organic bone matrix, collagen is also essential for strong and stable bones. A new study has investigated the long-term effects of specific collagen peptide supplementation on bone health. Experts will be available at the GELITA booth to talk visitors through the promising results, which confirm a pronounced increase in bone mineral density after FORTIBONE® supplementation.

The modes of action of GELITA’s other collagen peptides have also been scientifically proven. BODYBALANCE® helps active people to build muscle mass and reduce fat — and thus get their figure into shape faster — whereas FORTIGEL® promotes joint health by helping to rebuild cartilage tissue. VERISOL®, by contrast, has been specially developed to promote beauty-from-within concepts.

Tailored fill release performance
By adjusting the production process of gelatine, GELITA can modify the specific effect, timing and duration of the fill release of soft gelatine capsules to accommodate consumer needs. The latest addition to its portfolio is GELITA® EC, the first and only gelatine product for true enteric performance. As of now, the company can deliver a wide array of fill release profiles and even eliminate the “fishy” side-effects of omega-3 supplementation.  

Experts on stage
GELITA’s leadership in the field of collagen proteins is reflected in two presentations, which will take place in the Life Stages Theatre and in the Sports Nutrition Zone:

•    Tuesday 7 May, 13.00–13.30, Healthy Ageing Block, Life Stages Theatre:
Dr Stephan Hausmanns, Vice President BU Health & Nutrition, will present new perspectives on bone and skin health, addressing bone density and healing, as well as beauty-from-within, diabetic wound care and reduced steroid use in skin disease
•    Tuesday 7 May, 14.20–14.50, Sports Nutrition Theatre:
Suzane Leser, Director Nutrition Communication, will discuss TENDOFORTE® — the first collagen solution for stronger connective tissue in sports and exercise, including emerging science and a case study