Life Science


Make it Healthy!


We actively explore possibilities with animal based proteins to support better nutrition, better well-being and reducing the negative health effects of aging for humans and animals.




Make it Exciting!


Beside nutritional facts, indulgence drives the acceptance of food and feed products. We seek solutions to further enhance the product experience via our unique functional properties.


Smart Combinations


Make it Smart!


The world is full of opportunities to create new solutions with smart combinations of products. Whether it’s the combination of animal proteins or their combination with other ingredients, we can obtain new functionalities and new texture designs.


Performance Drivers


Make it Better!


Efficiency and effectiveness are important business drivers. We strive to make more with less and enhance the easy use of collagen proteins for our customers. This also applies to new services and business models.


Care for Resources


Make it with Care!


Because we process products from nature we care about all resources and understand the sensitive balance between taking out and giving back. Intense research is done to continuously reduce potential critical Impacts.