#AmazingGelatine and #AmazingCollagen at #IFT19?


GELITA display at Exhibit Hall — 2009 — In-line Pavilion will be showcasing collagen and gelatine solutions to food professionals looking to recharge, engage, and be blown away by the latest research, insights, and innovations in food. But, don’t take the GELITA word for it; let us show you how our ingredients work in a variety of food applications, health & nutrition and much much more.

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Gelatine to satisfy your food science appetite


Solutions for Food Service (PDF)

GELITA gelatine is a natural, clean-label ingredient that is completely neutral in color, smell, and taste. It can work in a variety of ways as a gelling agent, stabilizer, binder, emulsifier, film former, foaming and whipping agent, or carrier. Gelatine’s special skills include fat, carbohydrate and calorie reduction, protein enrichment, and mouthfeel enhancement. References: Gummy candies, chewy candies, marshmallows, desserts, yogurts, ice cream, cake glazing and fillings, bread spreads, meat products and many more.

A Pure Protein That is Fat and Carbohydrate Free


To Learn More About Leaf Gelatine

GELITA leaf gelatine is fat and carbohydrate free. As a pure protein, it is also allergen free and easy to digest, making it great for quick and delicious low-calorie meals and desserts such as savory aspics, cake fillings, panna cotta, or jellies. Red leaf gelatine is sold in its natural color; and white leaf gelatine is available in two varieties, made from either porcine or 100% bovine sources to meet Halal and Kosher requirements.

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GELITA is a global leader in the development and production of gelatine and other highly developed collagen proteins. Our A-to-Z range of services and performances comprises the quality control of the raw materials we use, the production of various types of collagen proteins as well as the design of new products in close cooperation with our customers.

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