Experiences of an employee

"In 2016, I started my dual study program at GELITA in business administration at the DHBW (university of cooperative education) Mosbach and was subsequently taken on in the Corporate Development department. Last year, I was given responsibility for the Innovation Scouting program and the associated team. I'm currently studying for a master's degree in Business Psychology alongside my work, and I can apply a lot of what I've learned in my studies to my daily work, especially when it comes to management duties.

I am learning a great deal through my international team about how virtual leadership works and how to work in such a diverse group in a goal-oriented and efficient way. What I value most at GELITA are the exchanges and discussions with colleagues, both here in Germany and on a global scale. You come into contact with so many different people, cultures and languages, which I find particularly inspiring and also helps me to develop personally.

I think it's great that GELITA offers such enormous flexibility regarding working hours and locations, which also provides us employees with better work-life integration. Young people in particular are offered an incredible number of opportunities at GELITA. For those who want to, there is the possibility to assume responsibility at an early stage and grow into a leadership role."