Experiences of an employee

"I joined GELITA at the end of 2018 as a Senior Software Developer Data Warehouse. Before that, I was self-employed for a long time and then worked for 9 years in the data warehouse of a major German bank. Although it was exciting, it was also a challenge for my family due to the work location in Bonn. So in 2018, when GELITA offered me the chance to join a medium-sized company with an excellent reputation, stable business and interesting tasks right on my own doorstep, I didn't have to think twice.

As a global company, GELITA is able to offer a consistent framework for professional development beyond its own horizons and, for those interested, international perspectives, too. In our daily work, we come into contact with people from every continent; this enriches our lives beyond just the professional collaboration. I find the company's flexibility and recognition shown in our working relationship, which is reflected in our values and also very specifically in our day-to-day dealings, remarkable. This, in tandem with exciting and meaningful topics, cannot be taken for granted but is a real treasure that must be nurtured and protected."