Newsletter & Tracking Consent Information

You will only receive marketing information and other communications (newsletters) and be subject to web and email tracking by GELITA AG if you have given your express consent. This purpose of this information regarding your newsletter and tracking consent is to give a detailed explanation of how your personal data is processed once you provide your consent:

1. Newsletters

GELITA AG will send you marketing information/newsletters based on the details you may have provided via a website form.

2. Personal Profile

The information you provided will be stored in a personal profile in our content management systems. Such information may comprise personal contact details (including name, title, company, country, email address), information about your company/employer (e.g. address, industry, and possibly other publicly available information), and your interests in certain products and services.

3. Web Tracking/Cookies

In addition, GELITA AG determines your personal interests by using cookies to obtain information about your visits to GELITA websites and the actions you take on them, such as retrieved articles, downloaded documents, and date and time of access ("usage data"). Such usage data may also be stored in your personal profile. For more information on cookies, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

4. Email Tracking

GELITA AG also collects further personal data through email tracking. Once you have provided your consent and receive marketing/newsletter emails from GELITA AG, those emails may contain tiny, invisible tracking images (called web beacons) embedded within the content of the message. When you open the message, the tracking image may be referenced, and clicking on a link or opening an attachment may activate another tracking code. In each case, a separate tracking event may be recorded by our systems. These response events may accumulate over time in our database, enabling our email marketing software to report metrics such as open rates and click-through rates. This information may also be stored in your personal profile.

5. Withdrawal of Consent

You may freely withdraw your consent at any time without stating the reason(s), for example by sending an e-mail to

6. Storage and Retention Periods

Your personal data will only be stored and processed by us if you have provided your express consent and for as long as the data is required for marketing purposes. If the data is no longer required for marketing purposes, or if you withdraw your consent, your data will be deleted from our systems and you will no longer receive newsletters or be subject to web or email tracking by GELITA AG.

7. Further Information

For further information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.