Innovation needs bright sparks and air to breathe

Have you ever asked yourself why some companies are highly innovative and others aren’t? We can’t claim to know everything about innovation, but we’ll happily share what we’ve learnt so far.

Innovation needs information: We constantly watch global markets and assess developing trends. We anticipate what tomorrow’s customers and industries want and what they need.

Innovation needs investment: Yes, innovation is expensive. We constantly invest in research and development. You should see our fantastically equipped R&D facilities.

Innovation needs group intelligence: We work in global innovation teams, we co-operate with clients, with customers, with research institutes and universities. Shared success is an awesome thing. Just ask our partners. And as synergies are the truffles of innovation: keep your eyes open and your nose alert … and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Innovation needs oxygen: It’s like a spark. And you don’t get great ideas from stressed-out people. We give our staff air to breathe and space to think. And, remember, it’s not just engineers and PhDs who come up with innovative concepts.

Innovation needs an iota of craziness: Well, yes, we think that’s true. Other people call it that “outside-the-box” thinking thing.

Innovation needs a deep breath, good shoes and enough provisions: Sometimes the route to innovation is longer than you thought. Sometimes you need to try several paths before you actually get anywhere. Sometimes the direction is wrong but you arrive at a much better place. And, sometimes, you don’t get anywhere and have to start all over again the next day. Savvy?

Need some examples of GELITA innovation?

Joint health: FORTIGEL® - We have developed specific collagen peptides to stimulate the regeneration of joint cartilage to reduce pain and increase mobility. Proven in numerous scientific studies and incorporated into many successful products. We have also collagen peptides availableto combat arthrosis in animals.

Body toning and muscle mass: BODYBALANCE®- In combination with moderate resistance training, these natural collagen peptides help to fight sarcopenia, reduce body fat and support muscle mass development, which is particularly important for elderly people.

Beauty from within: VERISOL® are collagen peptides that contribute to firm skin. A natural and healthy alternative to controversial and expensive methods, VERISOL® has several successful market introductions and millions of happy users. Many of these say they have stronger hair and fingernails, too.

Beauty from outside: GELITA SOL®-C - Enhancing the moisturizing ability of all kinds of beauty and personal care products, from shampoos and shower gels to vanishing creams and body lotions, it´s an ideal ingredient for almost anything you can find in your bathroom cabinet.

Reduced cross-linking: GELITA®RXL - Reduced cross-linking increases stability and prolongs the shelf-life of gelatine capsules. Developed in partnership with the University of Heidelberg, GELITA®RXL is great news for both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Clever use of by-products: FPM (fats, proteins and minerals) - The by-products derived from gelatine production can be used as components in food, feed and aquaculture, in fertilizers, as biofuels, in bone china, construction molds and as machine lubricants and anti-rust agents, to name just a few.

Haemostasis: GELITA-SPON® RAPID3 - the next generation of gelatin sponge hemostats to manage substantial bleeding fast and effectively. GELITA TUFT-IT®- the world's first gelatin fibrillar for controlled hemostasis. It combines the positive properties of a gelatin-based hemostat with the easy handling of a non-woven structure.

Lubrication without oil: NOVOTEC© CL 800 - Made from functional proteins and produced to meet the needs of the metal processing industry, it enables mechanical processes to run smoothly. Replacing the mineral oil components of cooling lubricants, it’s healthy, sustainable and completely ecologically safe.