“From nose to tail” – making the meat industry more sustainable with traditional ingredients

24, 2018
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The phrase "from nose to tail" is on everyone's lips. And to answer the question about which parts of an animal are edible - it's absolutely everything! From the tip of the nose to the end of the tail, nothing goes waste. By-products of the meat industry play a major role in food today. It is also a rich source of nutrients and, more importantly, it contributes to sustainable food production.

The idea behind it has meanwhile become a strong trend: A healthy respect for living beings is motivating super-green consumers and experimental chefs to engage with the nose to tail movement, which is now also attracting people of various backgrounds. Indeed, research and analysis shows just how deeply rooted it already is in our society: Innova Market Insights describes it as the 4th key food industry trend for 2018, calling it "going full circle" as a reference to the consumer expectation that companies will become more resource-smart this year.

But not everything here is new. Some ingredients have been helping to make the meat industry more sustainable for years. Gelatin is a flagship product here. More than just an extra ingredient that gets added to a recipe in order to make trendy claims on packaging, gelatin is both a traditional food and a technologically advantageous ingredient. This is what makes it so popular. You'd be amazed at the enormous variety of products it is used in as well as the versatile properties it can offer.

From light as air, creamy desserts to gummy bears with the right bite, gelatine gives food an unbeatable texture. It's 100 per cent safe and natural, and it helps to ensure sustainable use of our planet's resources.

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Background Information

The spiritual father of the "from nose to tail" movement is the British chef Fergus Henderson. In 1999, he got the ball rolling with his cookbook, "Nose to Tail Eating: A Child of British Cooking" and the concept developed significant momentum as is thundered from London to New York and Los Angeles and back again to Europe. In recent years, top Chefs around the world have discovered every part of the animal and brought them back into public consciousness.


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