GELITA AG develops first vegan gelling agent in sheet form

Agar leaf

GELITA AG, global market leader in the production of gelatine and collagen peptides, has expanded its gelling agent portfolio by presenting a world-first:  agar-agar sheets. Historically, plant-based agar-agar has only been available in powder form often as a mixture with other gelling agents. Now, using a new manufacturing process, GELITA has succeeded in producing pure agar-agar as a standardized sheet. This format offers numerous advantages in culinary applications. Agar-agar sheets eliminate the ambiguity of spoon measurements and complicated conversions of different powder solutions. Every single sheet has an exactly defined and identical gelling strength, greatly simplifying its use in recipes, ensuring a successful dish every time!

Use in hot regions and for vegans / vegetarians
 Agar-agar has a higher melting point than many gelling agents. Dishes prepared with agar-agar are able to maintain stability (not melt) for longer periods of time – even under the most extreme conditions. As agar-agar is plant based, it’s ideal for creating the most tempting vegan or vegetarian dishes where gelling is required.  And, now with the ease of agar-agar in sheet form, users can prepare these delicious vegan foods without the mess and guesswork of using powder agar-agar "We have worked intensively on this matter over the past few years and launched in-house technology development programs. We knew that consumer-friendly products had to be extremely easy to use. This is why we applied the long-established advantages of the standardized sheet format to agar-agar," says Dr. Franz-Josef Konert, CEO of GELITA AG. "Our core business remains classic gelatine, but we are keen to meet regional requirements and consumer preferences, and offer optimal solutions."

Product meets with strong interest
The presentation of the new product is attracting great interest from potential customers, because consumer dissatisfaction with the agar-based powder products currently on the market is very high.
The DEKOBACK company, which is based in Helmstadt-Bargen, Germany, was immediately impressed by the concept after seeing it presented and decided to integrate the AGAR sheet into its range of products. DEKOBACK is the leading specialist for baking decorations and accessories, and will adopt the agar-agar sheet in its DECOCINO product line later this year for distribution in German supermarkets.
"When GELITA approached us with the concept, we were spontaneously enthusiastic. After our cooking and baking experts convinced us of the product's extremely easy handling and "success reliability", we decided to add it to our DEKOCINO series," says Sascha Hohl, Managing Director of DEKOBACK.
It is also particularly worth mentioning that the cooperation between GELITA and DEKOBACK was established through food.net:z, a regional German foodstuffs network. Both companies are founding members, which is how they came to meet. An excellent example of regional cooperation combining innovative strength for joint success.
In addition to its existing customers, GELITA will be presenting the Agar-Agar sheet at international trade fairs in the coming months.

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