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GELITA® Gelatine is globally renowned for its amazing sensorial performance, texturizing properties, and ease of use in formulations. This amazing ingredient can make all the difference by offering unbelievable foaming characteristics for incredibly high and stable foamy peaks. Use it for creating brilliantly clear, shiny and sheeny gels, or for its excellence in whipping and emulsifying the delicious whipped treats with perfect textures. Gelatine’s ability to gently melt at body temperature often enhances the release of even the most delicate of flavors, creating a remarkable and positively memorable sensory experience.

But, what about the customers looking for calorie conscious choices? Gelatine is your sensorial solution! Being neutral in taste and technically versatile, gelatine can improve both the texture and nutritional profile of a wide range of low-calorie products, including salad dressings, mayonnaise in salad dressings, cheeses or even a yogurt. As gelatine can absorb up to 10 times its own weight in water, it binds and stabilizes additional water in low-calorie products. In this way, gelatine increases the volume of the food without adding further calories.

Second to taste, the structure and mouthfeel of food products are decisive factors for consumers. Be it creamy, firm or foamed, almost every desired texture can be achieved in yogurts, mousses, cream products or instant desserts with gelatine, while still reducing fats. It is even possible to reduce the fat content of spreads such as margarine and butter to less than 25%. Use gelatine for fat reductions of up to 40% to make cheese preparations for many applications.

Technically speaking, gelatine can both enhance the product’s shelf-life and increase its freeze-thaw stability. That’s not all, using gelatine, GELITA can help you to enhance the crispiness of wafers and biscuits.

Engage your customers with a sensorial journey with the tactile properties of GELITA® Gelatine by creating perfect textures, providing one-of-a-kind mouthfeel and enhancing flavor release for a variety of foods - gummies, marshmallows, RTD’s, yogurts, soups, condiments, gelatine desserts and more! Enjoy the added benefit of no fat, no carbohydrates, pure, allergen-free and easy to digest protein. No other ingredient could ever replicate the functionality of gelatine while delighting the senses!

In today’s competitive environment originality is the key to success and GELITA’s products offer various ways to make new product developments a reality. As gelatine experts, GELITA offers many ingredient options for manufacturers who want to augment their formulations with an additional nutritional value or for those who want to enter this lucrative sector. Well known as part of GELITA’s portfolio is collagen. Largely known for benefits to the human body, collagen is commonly associated with nutritional supplements. But,collagen peptides also lend themselves beautifully and easily to countless beverage and food applications – protein bars, RTD’s, yogurts and many other functional foods.

GELITA offers various types of PEPTIPLUS® that have been developed to be used in a variety of functional sport bars, beverages, protein powders and other protein fortified formulations.

Learn more about GELITA’s special PEPTIPLUS®, developed both to enable superior protein bar texture and to lift the protein content of bars over 60%! Another GELITA product offering high sensorial value for mouthfeel! For the health and nutrition market, GELITA Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) are the ingredient to boost your hybrid ready-to-drink product or functional food. 

For the health and nutrition market, GELITA Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) are the ingredient to boost your hybrid ready-to-drink product or functional food. Add these specialized collagens for proactive health benefits:


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*GELITA® also offers Geliko® OU Kosher gelatine and collagen peptides.